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"If I get any closer, I'll be on the other side of you."

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Pat Novak Returns!
To be released February 2006, written by Steven Grant, and illustrated by Tom Mandrake, 48 pages of Pat Novak offers up a story of a corrupt senator and a bizarre sex cult. Sure, Jack Webb's ears were a little bigger than depicted here, but it seems like they have the hard-boiled aspect covered well enough.

Encyclopedia Pat Novak!
Did you like how well-written and knowledgeable the About Page was? Well, that text was originally printed in John Dunning's exhaustive catalog of radio broadcasts from the 30's, 40's, 50's, a truly invaluable resource tool. Short of actually diving into the old-time tapes, this is the best start. Highly recommended.

More Pat Novak MP3s!
Did you like the archive of old episodes for download? Once more, it's not quite unique to this site. Yes, everybody has their sources, and, in this case, was that outlet. Bless them for their bandwidth and praise them for an even-more extensive supply of old-time radio audio files. Inspiring user-friendly site, where other Jack Webb serials and even the Ben Morris version of Pat Novak are at your ready.

Pat Novak in Fiction!
Released in 2002, this selection of stories finds modern-day authors doing their best with the radio shows of yesteryear. Alongside Ma Perkins, Tom Mix, The Clyde Beatty Show, and Candy Matson, we find a Pat Novak entry.

Pat Novak Even Has a Blog!
This retrospective of the old radio days features an informative blog entry detailing a bit of the history of Pat Novak, For Hire and the broadcast landscape of the time. Contains an easy-to-follow five-step outline of a usual Pat Novak plot.

The World of The Thrilling Detective!
This site remains a worthy collection of literally hundreds of comic books, strips and graphic novels. Everyone from Perry Mason to Bobo the Detective Chimp, and, of course, Pat Novak gets their shine.

Pat Novak's on First!
In an effort to more easily identify old-time radio episodes which may be floating around under any number of titles, this Wikipedia-styled site contains a number of Pat Novak, For Hire opening lines, as well as a selection of other shows as well.

Pat Novak on Wikipedia?
No, not yet. There's a decent Jack Webb page, but the Pat Novak, For Hire page is non-existent. Anyone that wants to take the time to put up a respectable and accurate Novak entry--you could probably even just copy and paste from these pages--you'll get your name here.

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